About Us

Saint Michael Store

” is owned by Johnny AbuAita, a Bethlehem Christian. His family have lived in the Holy Land for many generations, most of whom live in around Bethlehem and Beit Sahour, where the Angel Gabriel first appeared to the shepherds. Johnny is proud to carry on the local custom of hospitality and openness to all people that come to the Holy Land to visit, pray, learn and travel in the footsteps of Jesus.”

Saint Michael Store is a locally owned and operated family business. The store sells the handicrafts made by members of 40 different Bethlehem families. These products are chosen for their quality; picked from the best workshops, made by workers whose families have often passed down the trade from father to son.

Saint Michael, also known as the Archangel Michael, is a protector of pilgrims, as well as a guardian of truth and honesty. Having Saint Michael serves as a reminder that pilgrims journeyed far to come to the Holy Land, and that each pilgrim has a blessing from God to see the land where the Christian faith was born. The Archangel Michael is guardian and protector of the holy city of Bethlehem as well; may he guard you in your journey to the Holy Land and back to your own home!