As the Birth Place of Christ, the ancient town of Bethlehem holds a connection with Christians from all around the World. While small in size and population, the town of Bethlehem and its surroundings have lots to offer visitors and tourists. At the heart of the town lies the Church of the Nativity. Inside the Church, is the Grotto of the Nativity, marking the spot where Jesus was born. Since the establishment of the PA in 1994, there has been a fast amount of development and restoration work throughout the town. A large number of tourism establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops have been opened to serve all travel needs.

The old city of Bethlehem has been beautifully restored and renovated, offering beautiful and enriching walking tours throughout the city. To join one of our weekly tours of the Old Town of Bethlehem. The many cultural centers in and around Bethlehem continue to hold regular musical and cultural events throughout the year. Check event listings for any events and activities throughout the city and in the surrounding area.